How We Conduct Business and Beyond

Highly Professionally Oriented


In order to carry out its aims and objects, WAFUNIF has an  organizational configuration, comprising main and subsidiary structures.


At the apex is the Assembly as the main deliberative body and legislative authority of the organization. Consisted of all members of the corporation, meeting in regular quinary sessions and providing a forum for the deliberation of the full spectrum of issues covered by the Constitution, it is responsible for all law-making processes on behalf of the Association. Among other things, it reviews the organizational activities of the preceding term, approves the program of undertakings for the next term, elects members of the Board of Directors, examines and approves the financial statement and corporate accounts, and decides on any other matter submitted to it by the Board of Directors.

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience focused on

The Board of Directors

Board of Directors The Board of Directors is the executive arm of the organization. Composed of five members plus three permanent institutional ones drawn from the designated UN organs, five periodically elected drawn from the corporate membership. Meeting in regular as well as special sessions and providing a ready recourse for reference of organizational issues. Responsible to the Assembly in carrying the preparation of agenda of Assembly sessions, reports of organizational activities to the Assembly, control of the administration and its finances, and adoption of its own rules of procedure and code of conduct.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is in essence the think-tank of the organization. Consists of a highly qualified number of experts in relevant disciplines, as appointed annually by the Board of Directors in consultation with the President, it is a highly skilled and vigilant body. Capable of keeping the organization in compliance and direction, with its vision and foresight, its responsibility is to forewarn WAFUNIF of impending realities on the global horizon. Accordingly, in normal as well as critical circumstances, it advises the Board and the President of such actions as it believes the Association should take.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, as its name implies, is a special executive-cum-administrative unit of the organization. Consists of the President, Treasurer, and Secretary, it is the Board of Directors’ substitute when the latter is not in session. Ever-ready to meet both regularly at prescribed intervals to review ongoing situations and to convene urgently at any time to resolve the contingent emergencies, it is responsible for ensuring the executive continuity during the interim period. Its transitionary duties therefore include all the functions, normally attributable to the Board of Directors, to which it reports.


The Secretariat is the administrative branch of the Association to service all its parts and take care of all its day-to-day transactions. Consists of three officers as drawn from the Board of Directors (one President, one Vice President, one Treasurer, one Secretary, and such other staff as may be required, it manages the administrative affairs of the Association as a whole. Running under the overall administrative authority of the President, organized on lines of constitutional and institutional requirements, it is structured to best accommodate recurring organizational contingencies. Accordingly.


President: Liliana Bucur



Financial Officer

Financial Officer: Francisco Saez

Alliances, Our Areas of Action

Economic and Financial


It is through Financial Alliances that we can promote development of communities in development by facilitating access to funds destined to make them self sufficient and self reliant. We work to empower communities by providing them financial and knowledge resources needed for developing their full potential.

Scientific And Technological


One of our main mandates as established in our constitution is to help the bridge the science and technology divide. We do this by putting together scientific and technological resources to communities that can’t afford them. Additionally, we bring top scientists, engineers to work on creating local capacity and giving the communities access to the needed resources for their development.



Our mission is to promote and preserve local communities and their cultural manifestations in all the rich aspects of their lives. Our participation is to facilitate with utmost respect, their own expression and provide the tools as necessary for their integration to today’s world with its advantages and to avoid its drawbacks